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Socialist Korea Will be Ever-Victorious

Socialist Korea Will be Ever-Victorious

For consecutive decades and centuries the United States has been resorting to every possible way and means to thwart the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, a socialist country.

It is as clear as day that the US will never realize its plan. There are several reasons to prove it.

First of all, socialist Korea has great leaders.

President Kim Il Sung, founder of the DPRK and father of socialist Korea, clarified that the road of socialism alone would lead the country to bring its people happiness and make it prosper. He then led the Korean people to build a new Korea after its liberation from Japanese military occupation, win the Korean war, and carry out postwar rehabilitation and socialist construction, thereby establishing an independent, self-supporting and self-defensive socialist power with the full support and trust of the masses of the people. The might and invincibility of socialist Korea have been authenticated in all respects in the closing years of the last century when several socialist countries in the world were collapsed.    

Taking advantage of successive breakup of socialist countries, the US and the imperialist allied forces clamoured about a “complete end of socialism” and directed their offensives toward the DPRK constantly holding up the banner of socialism. At that time Kim Jong Il, chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK, formulated Songun politics as the basic political mode of socialism and administered it comprehensively.

Thanks to his wise leadership, socialist Korea was elevated to the state of ranking with a few countries capable of manufacturing and launching artificial earth satellites and possessing nuclear capabilities. It shattered to pieces the attempt of imperialist allied forces to stifle the DPRK militarily and reliably safeguarded the national sovereignty and socialism.

At present socialist Korea, upholding President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il as eternal leaders and following the leadership of Kim Jong Un who is identical with the predecessors, is winning victory after victory, resolutely defeating all challenges of hostile forces. His leadership has enabled the DPRK to raise its single-hearted unity of the leader and all the people, which is stronger than nuclear weapons, to a high level, and prepare matchless military capabilities with nuclear forces as backbone and reliable self-supporting economy based on cutting-edge science and technology. The country is also spurring its efforts to be a civilized socialist state with world-class cultural establishments for the people.

Second, socialist Korea has its outstanding guiding ideology.

It had been accepted by the international community that socialism was all alike. But they changed this notion during the political turmoil witnessed in the closing years of the last century. They began to see Korean-style socialism anew, and the basic reason for the difference is that socialism of Korean style is guided by the Juche idea.

The Juche idea that was founded by President Kim Il Sung and enriched by Chairman Kim Jong Il is a man-centred outlook on world and the guiding ideology in the era of independence that scientifically illuminates the road to champion and realize the independence of the masses of the people, that of country and nation. The DPRK, as it thoroughly embodies it in state building and activities, has been able to become a country for people in which exploitation and oppression are abolished, people become masters of everything and everything serves them, a socialist system centred on the masses.

In the DPRK, a motherland of the Juche idea, the masses of the people exercise their rights as befits masters in all fields of social life, socialist ownership and collectivist principles are maintained and interests and convenience of the people are given top and absolute priorities.

The Korean people have ingrained deep in their mind the justness and truthfulness of the Juche idea through their practical experience and thus are sticking to the road to socialism centred on the people as the idea guides.

The third reason is that the Korean people regard socialism as their life and soul.

Though everything is in short supply, they are closely attached to socialist system. In their socialist system all the people form a great, harmonious family and enjoy the benefits of universal, free medical care and 12-year compulsory education systems. The state provides its people with dwelling houses gratis and they do not know what taxation means. Therefore, the Korean people will never barter socialism of their own style for anything else.

It would be wrong to overlook the fact that the Korean people have experienced more hardships than anybody else and shed more sweat and blood for the sake of socialism.  

For 70-long years they built and defended the Korean-style socialism, by fighting a war against the US-led imperialist allied forces and overcoming harsh trials and difficulties owing to the constant threats of war and cruel sanctions and blockades after the war. It is just unimaginable for them to give up readily the gains they have won at the cost of their life and efforts.

The invincibility of socialist Korea is getting stronger under the wise guidance of the respected Kim Jong Un, who is leading his people to perform miraculous and innovative achievements in the building of a thriving socialist country, envisaging the day of final victory in the near future.

The DPRK will exalt its might as an invincible socialist power for ever.


Songchit Pullarp

Chairman, Juche Idear Study Organization of Thailand

September 1, 2020



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