President Kim Il Sung’s Great Devotion for People

Pyongyang, April 10 (KCNA) — The Korean people have celebrated April 15, birthday of President Kim Il Sung, as the Day of the Sun.

April 15 is one of the greatest national holidays to the people. But it was a “working day” for the President who had devoted his all to the people’s happiness.

At early dawn of April 15, Juche 43 (1954), his first birthday after the Fatherland Liberation War, the President visited an agricultural cooperative in Junghwa County, which was included in South Phyongan Province at that time. He sat together with officials and members of the cooperative at the edge of a field to discuss farm work and indicated the orientation and ways for the cooperative to follow.

That day, he went round the then Junghwa Farm and the Pyongyang Farm Machine Hire Station till sunset. And he said that he enjoyed his birthday with pleasure and felt good when the state affairs went well.

On his 65th birthday, too, he gave field guidance to coal mines in Kaechon and Anju areas, saying that when coal is produced in a large quantity, it is just a rest for him.

Like this, the President regarded working for the people even on his birthday as his great pleasure and rest. -0-

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