Many great men had been recorded in human history.

However, it had never witnessed such a great man like Kim Il Sung, who enjoyed admiration and respect by a great number of people from one century into the next.

Kim Il Sung, eternal President of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, who authored the Juche idea that illumines the way ahead of mankind, was a pioneer and the leader of the era of independence.

Having embarked on the road of the struggle for the freedom and liberation of his country from the Japanese military occupation in his teens, he clarified the truth of the Juche idea in the early days of his revolutionary struggle.

After liberation, based on the thoroughgoing principle of independence, he advanced the line of nation building suited to the reality of the country and the interests of its people. And he established a genuine people’s state in which people are masters of everything and everything serves them.

Kim Il Sung was an outstanding world’s veteran statesman, who led the cause of independence of mankind under the unfurled banner of anti-imperialist independence throughout his life.

Kim Il Sung was a peerless sage whose noble humanity and virtue left an indelible trace in the world.

His noble traits and humanity were born of his noblest view of and affection for man. His memoirs are tantamount to a textbook on humanity.

The ennobling humanity and unlimited magnanimity of Kim Il Sung were not limited only to the Korean people but all the world people transcending differences in nationality, citizenship, religious belief and political view.

Kim Il Sung will live for ever in the hearts of mankind.


Songchit Pullarp

Chairman, Juche Idea Study Organization of Thailand

July 6, 2021




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