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FM delegation visits the Philippines

A DPRK Foreign Ministry delegation headed by vice-minister Choe Hui Chol visited the Philippines on July 26. Choe Hui Chol met and talked with his Philippine counterpart. Both sides shared in-depth views on improving bilateral friendly and cooperative ties in line with the current situation and other regional and international issues of mutual concern. The DPRK side underlined the validity of the country’s self-defensive military buildup and achievements in the efforts to build a thriving socialist nation, and reaffirmed its stand to bolster up relations in different fields. The Philippine side said that the DPRK delegation’s visit serves as an occasion in boosting bilateral ties, and pointed to the need to promote support and cooperation between the member nations of the ASEAN Regional Forum that embraces the DPRK. The visit will facilitate the two countries’ efforts to further develop bilateral ties and strengthen cooperation in the ASEAN Regional Forum and other regional and international arenas. KCNA

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