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N KOREAN ENVOY: We want peace but ready for war with US

North Korean Ambassador to Thailand Mun Songmo, left, and Suthichai Yoon, cofounder of The Nation. NORTH KOREAN Ambassador to Thailand Mun Song-mo says his country will “definitely win” any war with the United States if Washington does not drop its “plan to destroy us”.   Calling US President Donald Trump a “mad man”, the envoy from Pyongyang told The Nation in an exclusive interview last Friday: “We now have the hydrogen bomb. If a war breaks out, we are ready to fight and we will surely win the war against the United States.” In the rare interview, the North Korean envoy, however, stressed: “We don’t want to start a war. We want peace. But if we are attacked, we will certainly fight and we have no doubts that we will win.” Mun attributed his confidence to three factors: “First, we h...

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