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Always Among the People

Always Among the People

Kim Jong Il, eternal chairman of the National Defence Commission of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, started working at the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea on June 19, 1964.

In the whole period of leading the WPK, he built it into a party that forms a harmonious whole with the masses of the people and serves them. And, regarding “The people are my God” as his motto throughout his life, he always went among the people and devoted his all to them.

The ennobling revolutionary life of Chairman Kim Jong Iland his exploits will be handed down to posterity.

1. Kim Jong Il, the great leader of the Korean people



2. Kim Jong Il working at the Central Committee of the WorkersParty of Korea (February 1970)



3. Kim Jong Ilexamining amusement facilities to be used by the people (October 1977)



4. Kim Jong Ilat a shop of a farm (November 1989)



5. Kim Jong Ilseeing the samples of clothes for children (April 1992)



6. Kim Jong Ilvisiting the Mangyongdae Revolutionary School for sons and daughters of revolutionary martyrs (January 1997)



7. Kim Jong Ilat the State Academy of Sciences (January 1999)



8. Kim Jong Iltalking to a woman worker at a bearing factory (January 2000)



9. Kim Jong Ilmeeting on his field guidance trip the family who maintains the road (August 2000)



10. Kim Jong Ilvisiting a pilots family (January 2003)



11. Kim Jong Ilmeeting a talented child (January 2006)



12. Kim Jong Ilvisiting a worker’s family who moved to a new house (January 2009)



13. Kim Jong Ilat a senior middle school (April 2009)



14. Kim Jong Ilamong old lecturers ofKim Il Sung University (April 2010)



15. Kim Jong Ilat a tool factory (February 2011)



16. Kim Jong Ilwaving to the cheering people


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