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40th Anniversary of IIJI Marked

40th Anniversary of IIJI Marked



A meeting took place in Mongolia on April 8 to mark the 40th founding anniversary of the International Institute of the Juche Idea (IIJI).


Present there were the director-general, the secretary general and directors of the IIJI, members of the Juche idea study organizations in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America, public personages of Mongolia and Japan, the DPRK ambassador to Mongolia and his embassy staff members and a delegation of the Korean Association of Social Scientists.


Introduced at the meeting were congratulatory messages from Juche idea study organizations of different countries and the Korean Association of Social Scientists.


Director-General Ramon Jimenez Lopez made a report to be followed by speeches.


The reporter and speakers said that the founding of the IIJI was a reasonable fruition borne to meet the requirements of the era and the desire of mankind and its significance has been proved in its 40 year-long history.


They stressed the need to further enhance the IIJI’s position and role and intensify the study and dissemination of the Juche idea as required by the times and desired by the world progressives.


A letter to the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un was adopted at the meeting.


On the same day a reception and an art performance were given to celebrate the 40th founding anniversary of the IIJI.


The 21st meeting of the IIJI Board of Directors took place on April 7.


The meeting reviewed the work in the past period and discussed action programs for the regional and national Juche idea study organisations to conduct the brisk study and dissemination of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism in keeping with their specific conditions.

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